The Skin Care Series: My Story

The Beginning: 

When I was a preteen and teen, I suffered from severe acne.  I mean every inch of my face was completely covered in little tiny mounds of oil filled goo.  I remember being teased in school about it and unfortunately at home as well.  In one particularly embarrassing moment in front of my classmates, a kid came up to me and put his hand on my forehead and said that he was reading braille.  I felt so small in that moment.  I was so upset that when I got home, I told my mother what happened and guess what, she laughed.  Anyone who knows my mom knows that she is shameless in laughing at people if she thinks something is funny.  To be fair, she did attempt to comfort me but it lost its effectiveness behind the laughter.  Needless to say, my self-esteem was in the toilet.  It has taken years and lots of counseling and prayer to restore my self-esteem.  I am not saying that acne was the sole source of my low self-esteem and I am certainly not trying to sound superficial.  I am just sharing one aspect of my experience as a young girl.  So as a result, we began a mission to vanquish the pimples.

Remedies or so we thought:

When I say we tried everything to get rid of my acne, I mean we tried EVERYTHING.  For the sake of brevity, I will only name a few.  My mother was a big user of Pond’s Cold cream so she felt that it was the end all to be all.  Well for her, it was.  For me it was a greasy mess that made my acne worse.  I drank more water, which was torture at the time.  I cut back on greasy and sugary foods.  In one desperate moment, I wiped my face with a baby’s urine soaked diaper.  I was convinced by my mother and her friends that it would work but I am certain now that I was being punked. Next, the dermatologist prescribed Retin-A (which is now an anti-aging product) that caused my face to turn red and peel.  I also tried the teen favorite; Noxzema.  That worked but my face was always dry and flaky. So nothing was 100% or maybe I was just ignorant to how this all worked. I was always frustrated and confused about what I should do.
The Real Solution:

As I grew older and began experimenting with various product lines, I learned that a good basic daily skin care regimen only included three steps: cleanse, tone, moisturize twice daily. This was a revolutionary idea to me. After spending so much time on expensive and embarrassing treatments, who knew that simply cleansing and moisturizing daily would be the answer. So simple and yet so genius! This small piece of information changed my face forever. (It also helped that I grew out of puberty)

I still use the basic skin care steps that I previously mentioned, except I have been able to eliminate the toning part because of Avon’s great skin care regimens. (Avon has many regimens for various ages and price points that will be discussed later.)  My skin is not perfect though. I still get the occasional pimple or blemish, and I am so lazy with my night regimen. So much so that it is practically non-existent. But, again there is no perfection in these bones.

What’s next?

So over the next several weeks, I will be presenting information about skin care in general and about Avon and how Avon can help with various skin care issues. Hopefully, it will be helpful and informative.



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