My name is Keshia Woodous. I have been an Avon Independent Sales Representative for just over 2 years.  I am married with 2 boys, who are my absolute heart strings.  I embarked upon selling Avon as a means to supplement my household income and have grown to love the products and the company.  Where else can you pay $10, at the time, and start on the path to financial freedom.  I have to admit that this is actually my second run at selling Avon.  The first time was when I lived in Maryland and was simply fulfilling a need in my office where I worked.  I think at that time, I bought more than I sold.  I didn’t realize how addicted I was.  Eventually, I parted from selling Avon because I did not see nor understand what I had.  But I continued to purchase it. I always managed to buy stuff and never use it.  I think I am a make-up hoarder but that is a whole other conversation.   Now at age forty-something, I understand what this opportunity means to me and what it could mean for my family and for other women and men who wish to be their own boss.  I am still working toward my goals and the beauty is that I can do so at my own pace.  The only person I have to compete with is ME and I love it.  In the process of selling this wonderful product, I have discovered so much about myself and have gained so much confidence.  I am learning to be a better business woman as well as I have had to learn some tough lessons this year in particular.  I look so forward to the journey ahead.

I decided to create this blog as a way to share the company and products that I have come to love.  I hope that I am able to provide valuable information as it pertains to products and reviews, sales and the opportunity.  And from time to time some random jabbering’s about stuff: Avon stuff of course.


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